Little Giant Comics OLD SCHOOL COMIC SHOW        

 Everett Arena in Concord NH 

April 28th from 10a-5p

This will be an OLD SCHOOL comic show like back in the day, GREAT COMICS, GREAT ART & THE ARTISTS THAT CREATED THEM! 

We have some great stuff listed on Ebay too! Check it out!                                                     

Here's the deal....THIS IS A COMIC SHOW, not one of those Pop Culture CONS


We packed a 20,000 sq.ft. ARENA with COMICS, ART & ARTISTS! CBCS will be here too!! 

There are 95 giant 10x10 BOOTHS jammed with vendors from as far as CA & TX bringing a TON of


These are just some of the ARTISTS coming to the show: Al MilgromAlex Cormack, Matthew DiMasi, Joe St. Pierre, Rich Woodall, Ian Chase Nichols, Ryan Browne, Dylan Andrews, Susan Cicconi, Dominic Killiany, Ed Smith, Joseph Schmalke, The Angry Geeks, The Comic Hunters, Mike Doherty, Saturday Night Comics, Jesse Lundburg, Jason Casey, Ron Leary Jr., Keith Gleason, Damon Goss, Tobias Baharain, Barney Smith, Gary Henderson, Geore O'Connor, Jay Kennedy, Paul Timmons, David J. LeBlanc Dennis Burke, David LeBlanc, Greg Charland, Michael Mitchell, & MORE!

THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE COMIC BOOK VENDORS COMING:  Superworld Comics, Dave & Adams, Terry's Comics, James Payette Comics, Shattered Comics, Stand Up Comicx, BopCity Comics, Sensational Comics, Mike's Evil Deeds, Amazing Comics, Boutin Comics, Ken & MJ Comics, Keyblade Comics, JAK Comics, Our Collection Comics, Finar Comics, Little Giant Comics, Panther Comics, Plunder Palace Comics, Oignucs Comics, Camacho Comics, Bourbeau Comics, Optimum Phalanx Comics, Harrison's Comics, Nick's Comic Strip, Modern Bard Comics, Secret Squirrel Dude, Collectibles Unlimited Comics, Bins Of Toys, JP Comics, Lockhardt Comics, Monster Comics, Landing Zone Comics, JP Comics, BAM Comics, Just Yaoi Comics & MORE 


To be added to the VENDOR/ARTIST wait list reach out to me ASAP 

 978-569-6027 or email me @

"Franck Uzan is a Franco-Israeli up and coming artist working his way to the glorious Comicdom. Clearly an Image poster child his art is reminiscent of the 90's with a modern flavor, dynamic takes and very detailed! He is currently working on an indie of his and creating custom artworks for comic collectors all around the world!"

First 100 people in the door get a FREE signed print from FRANCK UZAN!

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THE COMIC HUNTERS will be at the show offering FREE EVALUATIONS ALL DAY! THE COMIC HUNTER BUS will be there too!! Ya never know what those guys will bring! Dig in those attics, comb through the basements. Got a stack of old comics? inherit a collection? Found Grandpa's stash of old Detective Comics? Want INSTANT CASH? COME TO THE SHOW! Wild Willy & his pals from the Comic Hunters will evaluate your collection & tell you what it's worth. They will have the most up to date pricing information on hand, examples of 3rd party grading to so you can tell what the grade is on each book, there may even be an Overstreet Advisor on hand to help. If you've always wanted to know what those old comics are worth,


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Little Giant Comics will  be set up at the show with an incredible collection never before seen! 200+ slabs, Golden Age, Silver Age, Magazines, Sci-Fi, Horror and some Original Art! My good buddy Steve will be holding down the LGC booth! COME SEE US! 

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Alex Cormack will be at the show!!

"Alex Cormack is a comic book illustrator whose works include the critically acclaimed SINK from ComixTribe, RED DOG from 451 Media, the official prequel to the motion picture HARDCORE HENRY, HARDCORE AKAN from STX Entertainment & Bliss on Tap, WEED MAGIC, TRAIN 8: ZOMBIE EXPRESS, FUTURE PROOF, I PLAY THE BAD GUY also from Bliss On Tap. OXYMORON:  THE LOVLIEST NIGHTMARE, FIND both from ComixTribe, TWO REDHEADS AND A DEAD BLONDE, and many others. He lives in Tyngsboro MA with his wife Ashley & their son Danny"

Joe St.Pierre will be at the SHOW!!

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Ron Leary Jr. !!! 

Ron is a cover artist, and he does Sktechcards too! Heavy Metal, IDW/darby Pop, Image Comics, Upperdeck/Marvel. He does a lot of commissions for collectors. you can see more of his work on instagram as RL2VAS. and at He also runs Hollywoods Paint Parties on FB.

"Joe St. Pierre began his career at Valiant Comics, as a penciler of RAI, and a co-creator of SECRET WEAPONS. He has also worked as a writer and artist for MARVEL, DC (Aquaman, Green Lantern), IMAGE (Megahurtz), IDW (Transformers), BOOM (Power Rangers) & DYNAMITE.

Joe has the distinction of penciling the MOST #1 ISSUES featuring SPIDER-MAN and/or the SPIDER-MAN FAMILY!

Joe also works in the fields of commercial illustration, intellectual property design & storyboards for Animation & Video Games. Clients have included MTV, Capstone, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network, The New York Times, The Wall Street Hournal, PBS, The Amazing Kreskin & Activision.

Joe's publishing company, Astronaut Ink, highlights his own creator-owned properties BOLD BLOOD, MEGAHURTZ & most recently NEW ZODIAX. The NEW ZODIAX graphic novel has enjoyed two succesful Kickstarter campaigns, and is available thru comic shops & the Astronaut Ink website."


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Ryan Browne is coming to the show!

Ryan is a "NY based freelance illustrator who has done work, including pin-ups and covers for Image Comics, Aspen Comics and Inbeon Studios. Recently working for IDW games and publishing as the head illustrator on there new turn based card game "TRAP" along with a series of TMNT cards and Marvel Premiere 2017 sketch cards. Most recently worked with Titan Comics on a series of Doctor Who & Norman variant comic book covers and pencil and inks on Image Comics TELLOS (written by Todd Dezago) One of the founders of "insomniac Art Studio" that will specialize in creator owned projects and fan art, with a focus on current company Zombiepetz and a comic con based children's book with author Carrie Briwne and a second children's book with football star and author Martellus Bennett" Hit him up for a commiccsion and pick it up at the show!

Instagram: Zombiepetz_rgb

Twitter: Zombiepetz


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Michael & Michelle Mitchell from MITCHELL COMICS will be here!

"Michael & Michelle Mitchell are husband and wife creative team from Tilton, NH. Their company MITCHELL COMICS produces NH themed historical/educational comics as well as their action/adventure series ZOMBIE SUB-920"

Lewis Black & Jeremy Courtney of The ANGRYGEEKS SHOW will be here!

"Lewis: Head Geek, creator of the show. Lewis has been collecting comics and toys his whole life and is ready to call foul on any he deem is a fair weather comic or sci-fi fan. He always stood up for those who couldn't for themselves or needed a little extra help. And he is an avid DC Comics collector. Jeremy, what can be said this guy? he makes Lewis laugh and keeps guest's on their toes. He is the official Comci Book finder on the show. you need a comic for your collection? this is the man who will find it for you, and, bythe way, he is the most popular Angrygeek with the ladies.....legendary"

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DYLAN ANDREWS will be here!!

Check him out at batlanticstudios.con and also at  Ordr a commission and pick it up at the show! Dylan did that awesome ROM sketch for me last year! LOVE HIS WORK!

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Joseph Schmalke will be here!!

"Joseph Schmalke is the artist and writer of the Calamitous Black Devils and the Infernal Pact and the upcoming Whore Of Babylon. he has also worked on the book Oxymoron: Killing Time ;segment: The Final Solution for Comixtribe and the shorty story Second Lives for the upsoming IT WAS METAL anthology. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from the University of Massachussetts, Boston and currently resides in Westbrook, ME with his wife and daughters. His work has appeared in art shows throughout New England. A lifelong lover of comic books and horror, he got his start working as a tatoo artist in New Orleans. he has worled as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for almost 25 years, creating comic strips, concert posters & album covers.  

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Jason Casey will be here!! 

Jason is "a professional and published illustrator in his 8th year of showcasing his worls at shows. jason will be selling his newly published animals in nature book as well as selling his assortment of fan art! (prints & originals!) 

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Tobias Baharain will be here!! 

"Since receiving his first comic book from his father in 1984 (ASM 252), Tobias has fallen in love with comic books. the art, the stories & the culture which surrounds comic books and their characters has so much passion that it is a shared experience for all who partake in it. Through his personal tastes rest in the comic books he grew up with, he really has enjoyed meeting new fans that have brought him into the 21st century with the new generation of comic books by both major and independant publishers. 

When not searching for comic books, Tobias enjoys painting, photography and creating both scripted and documentary movies. He also loves to spend time traveling with his 2 daughters and wife as well as volunteering within the community. 

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Terry O'Neil from Terry's Comics in Orange, CA will be exhibiting! People, if you know vintage comic books then you've heard of Terry's Comics! He is arguably one of the top mail order and convention dealers in the country! Terry will be bringing RARE & SCARCE Vintage Comics and ORIGINAL ART!

Terry also runs the very popular CalComicCon in Yorba Linda, CA every January (as see on the CGC home page!) 

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Jesse Lundberg is coming to the show!

"Jesse is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He specializes in bold, eye-catching styles that have earned him clients from institutes for higher education to local businesses and professional individuals" Check him out on FB at LundbergGraphics and Harold The Happy Human Eater.

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Master mosaic artist Matthew DiMasi from Shattered Comics!!

A GREAT FRIEND & A GREAT ARTIST, we are THRILLED to have Matt and Shattered Comics!!

Shattered Comics will be releasing Matt's INCREDIBLE mosaic homage to Hulk 181 on the cover of Hunt For Wolverine #1 for the first time at the show!! For those that cannot attend Little Giant Comics has been given 500 copies to put on ebay at 10:00 am EST 4/28 on Little Giant Comics Ebay page. →→→→

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Joe & Jenn from SENSATIONAL COMICS will be here!

If you like top quality comics and RARE toys then come see them! 

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This is just a FRACTION of the incredible COMIC BOOK & VINTAGE TOY vendors that will be at the show!

Mike Doherty & Billy Nichols will be at the show! "Mike Doherty has been around the local New England comic scene for a very long time. His work is Pop Culture sushi, he has done everything from comic book covers, writing, pin-ups, client work & publishing. he baan self publishing in the mid 90's with his talented school chum Tom Toery and has been at the game ever since. He has a new venture with Billy Nichols called Saturday Night Comics and their first project will be out in the fall of 2018. He can be found on the web @sherpa12345 on instagram"






Shattered Comics - Vintage Comics & Original art

Little Giant Comics - Vintage Comics, CGC, CBCS

Standup Comix - Original Art - Vintage Comics

BopCityComics - Vintage Comics & more

Sensational Comics- Vintage Comics, Vintage toys

Mike's Evil Deeds- wicked cheap Comic books

Amazing Comics- Vintage Comics & more

Boutin Comics- Vintage Comics & more

Ken & MJ Comics- Vintage Comics & more

Keyblade Comics - Comics, trades & more

JAK Comics - Vintage Comic & more

Our Collection Comics & Collectibles - Comics/Art/Toys

Finar Comics - Comics, Statues & more

Panther Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Plunder Palace Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Oignucs Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Camacho Comics & Cards - Vintage Comics & more

Bourbeau Comics & Collectibles - Vintage Comics& more

Optimum Phalanx Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Harrisons Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Modern Bard Comics - Vintage Comics & more

Collectibles Unlimited (Concord NH) - Comics & more!

BINS OF TOYS - Vintage Toys & Comics Books

Nick's Comic Strip - Vintage Toys & Comics

Landing Zone Comics - Vintage Comics

Monster Comics (Durham NH) - Vintage Comics

JP Comics (Albany) - Silver to Modern Comics

Pop Culture Comics (Raymond NH) - Silver to Modern & more

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Ian Chase Nichols is here!! 

Ian is an Artist/Creator with a ton of credits under his belt! 

Credits: Batman/TMNT Adventures (DC/IDW), The Tick (NEC), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW), TMNT: Universe (IDW), TMNT: ANimtaed Adventures (IDW), GI JOW (IDW), Go! Go! Power Rangers (BOOM!), Imaginary Drugs (IDW), Axe Of Hellena (Fat Cat) Cyber Spectre (Scout Comics)

Ian is the current editor of Altered Reality Comics (AR Comics


twitter: @iancnichols

Instagram: IanChaseNichols



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Dennis Burke will be here! 

"Dennis has been drawing since the age of 2 & hasn't stopped. The backbone to all his art has run parrallel to his love of comics, specifically Marvel's Spider-Man. For 10+ years he's entertained audiences with his Caricatures whether drawn of live at events, weddings private parties and comic cons or thru personal commissions. He never forgets a face and always strives to make sure people leave his easel with a smile and a laugh. "I'll bring the markers, you bring the faces"

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Please welcome Barney Smith to the show! 

"I grew up in the small town of Groton, Vermont; which sat in the southwestern part of the Northeast Kingdom. My three brothers and I had the luxury of growing up in this rural setting; where the hidden mysteries of the woods and the unhindered depth of our imaginations formed a strong foundation for lifetime of unfettered creativity"

Check him out at

FB: @kookaburramaster

Damon Goss and family will be here! This whole family has talent! 

"Ohana Family Art is made up of two sons and their mom, all artists working in different mediums. Some of their creations include oragami, blacklight art, carved pieces, water color prints, t-shirts & crocheted finger puppets. Something for everyone!"

check him out on FB


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CarrieBerry Boutique will be here with some awesome comic book related hand made items!

"A New York based company specializing in pop culture items from (Comic Books, Doctor Who, Disney, Harry Potter & Sci-Fi) including handmade bracelets, ear rings, hand bags & buttons"

Keith Gleason is here! 

Keith is the creator of the "Hero Envy" webseries and the graphic novel of the same name. He is also the writer on several other comic series including "Kid Swithc", "Reckless Chronicles", and the upcoming "Mighty Mascots". Also a cartoonist by trade who writes and draws his own comic strip called "Swamp Tales" which he complies into a comic book form. All of these books are also lettered by Keith and self published through his own production company Reckless Sidkick Productions. 

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George O'Connor will be here! "George likes to write. A lot. he co-created the comics HEALED & BABY with his friend and illustrator, Griffin Ess. He's also contributed stories to various comics anthologies. On the web, he created the series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast, along with over 60 short films. And some howhe also juggles playing the guitar in his metal and punk rock bands" Check him out at

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YEP, THESE GUYS WILL BE HERE! If you've ever picked up a price guide then you know who these guys are! They will be set up with CRAZY stuff!!! 

The team at Dave & Adams is bring some of their best stuff and some loss leaders to WOW the attendees! YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO DIG IN THEIR BOXES!!

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Jay Kennedy will be at the show! Jay is a comic book artist from Boston and works for Altered Reality Press, WELCOME JAY

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SUPERWORLD COMICS is coming to the show!        S**T JUST GOT REAL!


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Susan Cicconi of The Restoration Lab has been a professional paper conservator for over 30 years. Her illustrious career started in Paris in the early '80's restoring 36 original drawings by Pablo Picasso for a centennial retrospective held in Munich, 1981. She continued her work in NYC and Boston when she met the "pioneer" of comic book conservation, William Sarill of The Restoration Lab. Within 5 years, Susan became the sole owner and proprietor of The Restoration Lab.

Under Bills tutelage during those 5 years, Susan restored countless Golden and Silver Age comics back when restoration was acceptable and added value to a comic book. She employed the same traditional and archival techniques she learned in Paris. In the 1990's, she became Sotheby's chief restoration expert/consultant for their historical auctions which brought the industry to the forefront of worldwide collectible investments. 

Susan's commitment to precision and detail is an innate quality. "I have the surgeon's eye....I am trained to find defects and fix them." Each comic is treated as if it were her own. the restoration process s a delicate balance of retaining the original antiqueness of a comic while cleaning, mending, rebuilding and color touch to its finest esthetic appeal. Pressing is even more delicate. It is important to treat each cover/page with care and respect the paper properties with regard to heat and pressure while using proper materials for protection. Cleaning is a very detail oriented and highly skilled progress.

For 3 years, she has embarked ona true "Wonder Woman" crusade to provide knowledge to the consumer (restore or not to restore, to pressor not to press), preserve and protect the longevity of these prized treasures. The industry has seen great changes throughout the 30 years of her service, particularly the advent of Certification which has made an incredible mark on comic book investment. The hope for all tried and true collectors is longterm preservation and enjoyment.  









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Dominic Killiany is a 20 year old youn man who lives in Wattertown, MA. He attends Boston Higashi, a private school for children and young adults with autism. His hobbies are art, music and good food!

Dominic's artwork is a sight to behold. Master of composition, line and color, his style is unique, just like him. His interpretation of the world reflects his knowledge of order (favorite subject is math), balance and symetry with a touch if abstract expresionism in a symphony of color. 

Dominic exhibited at the Watertown Public Library, 2014 and 2016. His first solo art exhibit in a professional gallery space was October 2017 in Landau Gallery, Belmont Hill School, Belmont, MA.

Autism is a disorder that affects 1/68 children. Most are not as fortunate as Dominic whose talent and passion for art keeps him happy, confident and goal oriented, in essence, the building blocks of life.

As a family, our hopes are for Dominic to continue painting and keep him a productive member of society. Proceeds of his art sales will go directly to an Art Fund for his supplies and independent living with support, as well as the chance to attend a college of art in the future. 


Dominic Killiany!

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Check out the EVENT on our Facebook Page

CBCS will be at the show accepting submissions, witnessing signatures & answering any grading questions! 

Greg "Inky" Charland is the artis and writer for Pretty Power Princess, a web comic about a video game princess who breaks free and goes backward through the game to save herself. Inky has been an artist for most of his life. He attended Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Sequential Art, and later earned a degree in Commercial Art from Salina Area Technical College. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2004 and served for 6 years. including a tour during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He worked several jobs in graphic design and marketing after that. He later earned a BS in Computer Science from Kansas State University. He now works as a programmer and uses most of his spare time to pursue his art. He has drawn and written Pretty Power Princess for almost 4 years and also creates original prints to sell at the comnic conventions he frequents. To read his web comic, visit To see more of his artwork, visit hhtps://

Greg "INKY" Charland

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Paul Timmons will be here! 

"Paul creates whimsical worlds and creatures brought to life using inks and water colors. He also explores the sculptural side of art telling stories of humorous themes sometimes having a dark twist. When he creates his art he is inspired by music, pop culture and classic children's books such as: "The Wizard of Oz", "Alice in Wonderland" and "Little Red Riding Hood". He created his own company called. "Happy Nightmares, inc." where he designs greeting cards, comic books, t-shirt graphics, stickers and coloring books." hppts://  

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David J. Leblanc 

"A background as a fine arts abstract painter coupled with his love of comic books makes David J. Leblanc an expressive and versatile artist. He has shown at several art galleries, as well as many comic cons from Vermont Comic Con to Awesome Con in Washington, DC. He merges the elements of comic books, Pop Art, and painterly abstract art using a combination of acrylic paint and comic book collage. David will have several original paintings, prints and will be open for commission work"

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Admission is $5 at the door, kids 12 & under FREE with paid admission

James Payette is setting up! Folks, if you are a collector of Golden Age and Silver Age then you know James Payette! He found the Allentown Pedigree and many other well known pedigree collections. The Allentown is said to have had the highest quality Detective Comics #27 in existence! Check out his website at  You will be glad you did!


Friendly Neighborhood Comics, Toy Mongers, Professor Dave

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CBCS will have a booth at the show!! These guys are arguably the industry leader in grading and have chosen to attend this show based on the quality of artists and vendors that will be present! We are honored to have them!! Their cases are cystal clear and DO NOT need to be changed ever 5-7 years. If you have books for submission, need signatures witnessed or just have questions about the grading process, these guys can help with all of that! The even grade or encapsulate original ART too! check them out @

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AL MILGROM will be at the SHOW!!

Al Milgrom started his comic career in 1972 as an assistant for inker Murphey Anderson. During that period, Milgrom contributed to Charlton Comics & comics published by Warren Publishing and Atlas before joing with Marvel. Al Milgrom was editor at DC Comics from 1977-1978 during which time he created FIRESTORM with Gerry Conway. 

Milgrom was an editor for Marvel beginning in 1979, he edited the full 10 year run on Marvel Fanfare, as editor of the Hulk he designed the U-Foes, he drew Hulk from 1986-1987. He drew the Avengers (1983-1975), West Coast Avengers (1985-1988, Kitty Pride & Wolverine (1984-1985), Secret Wars II (1985-1986), Spectacular Spider-Man (1984-1985

He first came to prominence as a penciler on Captain Marvel from 1975-1977. In addition to the above, Milgriom also worked on Spectacular Spider-Man (1984-1985), Deadly Foes Of Spider-Man, X-Factor, Thor, Thunderstrike, Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, Thanos, Captain America, ROM and many other titles!!  

The Hunt For Wolverine #1 Shattered Variant

The Shattered Variant is limited to 3,000 copies. 500 will be released on Ebay at 10:00 am EST 4/28. The rest of what is available will be released at the show. This will be one of only 2 times Matt will be signing this year and CBCS will be on hand to witness signatures! You do NOT want to miss this opportunity! Quantities will be limited per person. 

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DC Artist JASON BADOWER will be joining the Old School Comic Show! Jason has worked on AAROW Season 2.5, The Flash Season Zero, Wonder Woman titles, Vampire Diaries, Krypton, Gotham City Garage to name a few! We are THRILLED he chose our show to get back on the show circuit! WELCOME!

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Please welcome Greg Moutafis!

Greg Moutafis is an artist working in a variety of media including illsutration, cartooning, design, and painting. A graduate of the Massachussetts College of Art, he has illustrated projects for a diverse group of publishers, agencies, and colleges, in addition to years of commissioned work for private collectors. Greg's clients have included Topps Trading Cards, Childrens Hospital Of Boston, Cengage Learning, and Mass. College of Pharmacy.

His current comics release is the miniseries BOOM! SQUAD, written by writer/educator David Crouse (professor: Depauw University, University Of Washingtion. Author: The Man Back There - short stories, Dark Horse Book Of The Dead).

Greg is active in a number of cultural groups including the Boston Comics Rounbtable, The Haverhil Art Market series, Greater haverhil Arts Association and Americas for the Arts.

You can see more of Greg's work at, and

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Bill Walko will be joining the Old School Comic Show! 

"Bill Walko is a Connecticut based artist with a concentration in children's properties, promotional advertising and comic book art. His unique animated style has been featured in national advertising campaigns, notably AriZona Beverage's "SHAQ-Fu-Punch" and at the Adobe National Trade Show. He's served as both an artist and designer for IMAGE COMICS, TwoMorrows Publishing, IDW, and a number of independent comic publishers. Additionally, he's brought his skills to various studios on both licensed properties and devloping characters. Comic fans also know him as the creator, writer and artist of The Hero Business, a self published comic that playfully pokes fun at superhero troops. The strip has receivd accolades from Bleeding Cool,, Comic Book Resourses and Comic News Insider amoun others."